Tips for newbies to craft beer

I’ll never forget the first time I tried actual craft beer. For the longest time, I thought I was fancy when I had a bottle of Blue Moon in my hand. Needless to say, I thought I was going to love craft beer when I took a visit to a brewery with a friend.

I was dead wrong.

I ordered a sample of five beers and could barely drink more than a sip of each. They were so harsh, so bitter, and just flat-out disgusting to me.

However, I was still curious about craft beer and what distinguished good beer from bad beer, so I started researching more about it and tried a few other craft beers. Eventually, it started to become enjoyable.

This brings me to my point. Craft beer can be enjoyable to everyone; you just have to find the right style for you. That is why it drives me nuts when someone simply says they do not like beer. Beer is like music, there are so many styles and there may be some you enjoy and some you don’t, but you can enjoy some. recently had an article about a certain style of beer they felt was great for newbies to craft beer.

While I do not exactly think a dark beer is the best place for one to get started, a lager makes sense.

You see, all of the mass-produced beer out there is simply a lager or pilsner. While the mass-produced Budweiser’s of the world may not be great, just because a beer is a lager does not mean it is bad.

This is why it makes sense to try a dark lager if you are new to the land of craft beer. They can be somewhat hard to find, but they combine the familiar notes of a typical beer while also adding in some characteristics of sweetness that they can grab people in.

However, dark beers tend to scare people that are not used to them and they are not wrong for this.

Dark beers tend to be porters or stouts, which are very flavorful, very intense, and quite heavy in their body. They are not easy beers for the newbie and dark lagers can still be quite scary.

For me, I would say a standard amber ale or basic German-style lager, such as Brooklyn Lager, is a great starter beer.

The Wall Street Journal also has a great YouTube video detailing the styles of beer out there and what each one does.

In essence, I would try to find a place that has many craft beers on tap and try a small sample of all of them, go from very light beers to very dark and see what you like. After all, it might be the stout or bitter IPA that makes you fall in love with craft beer. For me, it was Blue Mountain’s Dark Hollow that made me truly amazed with the power of good beer, so you never know.

Let me know below what beer got you into crafts or why you do not enjoy them! Cheers and happy drinking!


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